Western Rugs Can Quickly Improve Your Home

Western Rugs Are A Crucial Accessory for Your Western Home Decor


western rugWestern home decor is a crucial part of making your western home come to life. One of the easiest and quickest things you can do to jumpstart your home decor is add a few western area rugs. Western rugs are high-quality, built to last, and look great! If you’re in the market for western area rugs then be sure to check out the western rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot. Their area rugs are my favorite. When I was little, I was always redecorating my room and arranging furniture. Everything had to be specific (due to the fact that I have OCD). Even today, I like things placed “correctly” and in the right spot, so that my mind is put at ease. One recent day, for instance, I had a great idea for an addition in my bedroom. There was a wall next to my door with nothing propped against it; it was just a plain wall. Secondly, I play a table sport called Sport Stacking (formerly known as Cup Stacking), which uses a slightly curved mat. My mom had bought a table with the same shape! So, since it was not being used, I offered to put it in my bedroom by that wall, to which my mom happily agreed.


Once it was placed there, I was content that it finally had a purpose: as decor. On another note, the color scheme of the tan, wooden table and the green wall matched surprisingly well. Mounted above are bulletins and plaques to display my academic and achievements in Sport Stacking, with ample room to shelf some trophies from the sport, as well as store some sets of cups. It acts as a whole second desk for me to work or eat on. I have shelves for my entire collection of cups and other belongings. Finally, I sleep on a bed that has a built-in dresser for all of my casual attire. One of my shelves on my main desk contains a makeshift, pull-out drawer for storing miscellaneous equipment. It is clear that I love to save room and fit items wherever they can go.



Western décor can be a symbol of yourself and even your values; it can show personality and experience. One moment in my life that décor mattered was when I visited Europe. In Europe, I visited Barcelona, Paris, and London. All of these places have immensely different backgrounds and styles, which influenced me, each individually. Paris’ décor had so many ornate decorations with high-end fabrics; London had rustic décor that included deep reds and bright golds. Barcelona opened my eyes to many different colors and intricate designs. All of these places had history integrated into their western décor. When I visited Barcelona their walls were decorated with magnificent stained glass that contained people from history and their culture. All of this opened my eyes and allowed me to really connect with the culture that I was submerged in. The décor really showed me what these cities were all about and what was really important to those cultures. I could understand from the western décor in Paris that they had always been very elegant and somewhat formal, and London had always been more centered around their church. The décor could have been easily overlooked because some people believe it is a minute detail; however, it really has an everlasting effect on the people that observe it.


If the western décor did not reflect what the city was centered around, it would have been harder to understand the new cultures I was visiting and would likely not have left as much of a lasting impression on me. I now notice these influences in other places that I visit. I might see a beautiful mosaic in a piece of furniture and it brings me back to Barcelona. All of the brilliant colors in the mosaic remind me of the giant mosaics in that city. When I see chandeliers or ornate silver chairs I instantly think of Paris. This city was all about classic views with silvers and blacks. Giant chandeliers would hang from the ceilings of buildings, and the Eiffel tower would light up with brilliant silver lights in the night. When I see some of these decorations in my hometown or other places that I visit, it reminds me of all of my experiences in Paris. Finally, I can see London’s fingerprint in my hometown whenever I see deep reds. Red is a staple in London from their well-known telephone booths.  I love that the western décor of these cities has left a lasting impression on me. I love recalling my experiences there.  It really serves to confirm the fact that décor is memorable and meaningful.  Western décor can show that a doctor’s office is all about cleanliness or that my grandmother’s home is meant to welcome family and friends. Western décor truly leaves a lasting impression on us.