Home Decorating Tips

I believe that decor matters, not just in homes or dorms but also at work. The reason that it is important is that our ability to go to work in a building that is sterile, and without a sense of the company just leaves us burnt out. Lacking the energy to go to work and looking for any reason why we don’t have to be there. It doesn’t make for a pleasant environment.  At home or dorms, it allows our individual-ness come out and show people what kind of person we are in the comfort of our home. The ability to mix and match chairs or put out that plush carpet that your feet just love walking on. It is such a great way to really connect with your home.



Your decor should show the best side of you to the world, warm colors and bright furniture for a kids room. Maybe a darker wood with a little pop of color in your sanctuary also known as the master bedroom.  Maybe you put a combination of items together with some knick-knacks that were giving to you or have special meaning out in a living or family room.  All in all, I love the way I put my home together and I’m always looking for that special something that brings it all together. Fixing up that dresser that your dad’s dad’ dad had so you can pass it down to your own children. Or putting that bright carpet out under the living room table that pulls in all the colors of the room to make a nice focal point.



Maybe you even hang up curtains to show how patriotic you are on certain holidays. I even know people who can the decor to match the season. I like to think that people use their whole self when thinking about how to design a room. Not just the logical how much does it cost but also the emotional. Yes, emotional where you look at a piece and you know exactly where it is going to go. It almost like the nagging feeling of something missing has been found. We use decor in so many ways and it is a wonderful thing to behold. Walking into an empty room and deciding on the feel of it, it is like opening a present. You are unwrapping the very thing that makes you, you and showing the whole world how wonderful you are with the items you surround yourself with.